If you are a real estate professional who is serious about your profession, dedicated to serving your customers and committed to increasing your earnings, then our system at PropertyTime was designed for you.

There is a lot of discussion about the new world of work, the impact of artificial intelligence and the power of automation to free human beings up to do their most meaningful work while increasing their earnings. This shift from business-as-usual to leveraging innovative technologies and commercial approaches relies heavily on our ability to update the way that we think.

The real estate industry in South Africa remained largely unchanged for the last 80 years, until today. Whether we realise it or not we are now on the brink of an exciting shift in our industry, the benefits of which are already being experienced by those who had the courage to be early adopters of a brand-new way of thinking.

In our lifetime we will witness the rise of the independent agent, we will see them gain unprecedented traction in their market, and perhaps most importantly we will see these new-world-of-work real estate agents taking higher commissions and earning more commission than they ever have before in their career, with less stress and higher levels of job satisfaction.

I heard a speaker share a thought at a seminar last week; she said “Let’s say you are blessed with seventy years on this earth. Whether you enjoy your 70 years, or whether you spend your 70 years stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated – you are still going to pay for your 70 years with your life” – Isn’t it worth doing whatever it takes to make your time here fun, rewarding and meaningful?

So, when will you begin that journey? When will you change your thinking? When will you step out of your comfort zone and grab hold of your future?

If you are a real estate professional who is serious about your profession, dedicated to serving your customers, and committed to increasing your earnings – then our system was designed for you.

Designed for real estate professionals by real estate professionals

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