Do trusts still have a role to play in estate planning?

“My wife is pregnant with our first child and I am considering whether to set up a family trust for estate planning purposes. Lately however I have read negative commentary about using trusts, particularly anti-avoidance tax legislation aimed at trusts. I don’t want...

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How enforceable is that restraint of trade really?

"We recently interviewed a software engineer for a position at our company. In the interview it came to light that the engineer had just left the employ of one of our main competitors and that he was bound by a restraint of trade in terms of his previous employment...

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The Rental Housing Amendment Act: What you need to know

There has been quite a buzz over the past few months regarding the Rental Housing Amendment Act, in the belief that a date will soon be set for the implementation of this new legislation. This is according to Tobie Fourie, national rentals manager for the Chas Everitt...

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Why boosting tourism will benefit SA’s property market

During the recent SONA, President Ramaphosa announced that further support would be given to the tourism sector to market South Africa and double the number of foreign tourists to 21 million a year by 2030 - a goal that could have major implications for property. A...

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Hidden costs when using set-fee estate agencies

Low-cost real estate agencies have been making an undeniable splash in the media recently. With the cost of living for South Africans rising every day, it’s certainly refreshing to see a service that claims to be dropping prices rather than increasing them. Like many...

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In terms of the Government Gazette Vol:657 Dated 26 March 2020 No 43164 - Information regarding COVID19 can be found at HERE